Time & Attendance

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

Imperago’s cloud based Time & Attendance and Workforce Management is a powerful, robust, flexible and cost effective solution, designed to be both user friendly and extremely easy to maintain.

Imperago provides a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Data capture using the latest smart device technology and mobile apps
  • Software that runs locally and in the cloud
  • Fast installation with no messy disruptive wiring
  • No costly server upgrades and ongoing maintenance costs required
  • Integration with hfx Access Control
  • Full open APIs for integration with existing third party HR and Payroll systems including NGA/MHR/SAP/SAGE and many more
  • Nationwide technical support from engineers based throughout the UK

Gain real time visibility of your entire workforce attendance and location anytime, anywhere. Monitor staff absences and control staff leave like never before, and easily assign staff to shifts to boost productivity without impacting payroll accuracy and compliance.

Don’t miss out on the benefits Imperago’s T&A system offers:

  • Accurate and automated timesheets and payroll process
  • Real time data collection and instant views
  • Reduction of Absence, time theft and overtime
  • Multi site operation, even worldwide
  • Improved efficiency, reduction in labour costs, increased profit
  • Efficient management reporting, improved productivity and reduced administration
  • Fully hosted cloud system no waiting for a lengthy software implementation project or server upgrade

With an all in one Service as a Solution package, paid for monthly, with no capital expenditure or heavy up front fees, you will see a fast return on your investment.