i2r Packaging Solutions streamlines payroll process with Vanquish

i2r Packaging Solutions has invested in a real-time Biometric Time & Attendance system from Vanquish Integrated People Solutions to create a fully automated payroll process and reduce the amount of administration time involved.

For several years the Shropshire based food packaging specialist had to rely on a manual system to carry out the payroll for its 70 employees but over time this proved inefficient for their needs and was open to errors.

Efficiency through biometrics

i2r’s old payroll process was a timely exercise which consisted of numerous spreadsheets and large amounts of paperwork that had to be signed and countersigned.  Once the spreadsheets were finalised all data had to be manually entered into their payroll software.

Human errors often occurred, with the duplication of data and meaning the company was susceptible to making overpayments.

Frankie Beckett, Management Accountant and Finance Analyst at i2r Packaging Solutions says “As the business expanded and 24/7 continental shifts were introduced, it became apparent that we required an automated system that captured workforce information in real-time in order to minimise workloads, gain valuable information and generate efficiencies.”

After a consultation with Vanquish Integrated People Solutions, in which the company carried out a detailed analysis of their requirements, i2r made the move to a fully automated single-data Time & Attendance solution with direct integration to their existing Sage Payroll Software.

The addition of a Biometric Hand Reader terminal streamlines the clocking procedure for employees to a matter of seconds. Instead of completing spreadsheets, each staff member simply places their hand on the Hand Reader when they start and finish shift, plus every time they leave the premises during their break.

As soon as the data is collated, the system automatically updates each individual’s attendance record in the central software, from which managers can gain total transparency of who is working on site at any one time.

Streamlined payroll – reduced admin

The data is instantly accessible for the payroll run and can be instantly transferred to the payroll software, saving significant time while reducing the potential for errors.

Frankie Beckett adds: “The system has transformed the payroll process beyond recognition and made life so much easier.  Direct integration with Sage Payroll means payroll data no longer needs to be duplicated. The transfer of data takes seconds as opposed to typing all information in to Sage Payroll manually.

“Historically it would take on average between three and four days for the payroll process to be completed. The Vanquish system has reduced this to less than a day!

“Staff also like the system because it cuts down on admin time and involves a lot less paperwork.”

Aside from streamlining its payroll process, the collation of real-time data has also enabled i2r to improve the Health and Safety information of workers on its premises and improve communication between managers and employees.

Accurate Roll Call

The Vanquish system maintains an accurate roll call report of all employees on site and in the event of an emergency and the fire alarm being triggered, the system prints and emails a ‘Roll Call’ report within 10 seconds, enabling the organisation to account for everybody much quicker.

Meanwhile, the Vanquish Intranet Self-Service facility allows individuals to request holidays, and view their remaining holiday entitlement. Managers have access to the main software interface where they manage any absences and holiday requests made by team members at the touch of a button.

“The automation of workforce data has become invaluable to the business.  The fact that the data is only entered once yet is able to improve key processes has made i2r a more efficient company,” concludes Frankie Beckett.
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