Homeworkers more productive than office based staff

New research by the Canada Life Group has revealed that homeworkers believe their time is more productive than if they worked in an office environment.

Homeworkers ranked their productivity at 7.7 out of ten, compared with a score of 6.5 given by those in open planned offices.

Reduced Sickness Absence

The study, which was conducted to show the impact of stress levels on the health and wellbeing of staff, also revealed that allowing workers to work from home resulted in them taking fewer days off sick.

Employees working in an office took on average 3.1 days of sick leave last year whilst homeworkers only took 1.8 sick days.

The research found that employees working in open plan office are almost six times more likely than homeworkers to believe their working environment promotes stress.

When asked to rank the impact of their working environment on their health, employees predominantly working from home gave scores of 8.1 out of ten, whilst those in an office based environment gave 6.1.

Flexible working rights

With legislation introduced at the end of June extending the pool of employees who are entitled to request flexible working patterns, it is essential for organisations to give serious consideration to the benefits of introducing flexible patterns.

Flexible working has a big impact on job satisfaction and staff motivation enabling employees, with changing circumstances, to shift their work/life balance and continue their working life, whilst benefiting employers with increased productivity, reduced overheads, staff turnover and absences.

The latest web-based time and attendance systems provide a breadth of tools that enable organisations to be increasingly flexible with their workforce and monitor their working patterns with consistency.

The latest systems can be configured with biometric handscan terminals and any web-enabled devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets, so you can centralise the management of staff and gain a clear overview of office locations and homeworkers.

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