HandPunch Terminal

The Handpunch device is extremely durable, its plastic casing is robust and resistant to impact. It verifies the person’s identity using the unique size and shape of their hand therefore eliminating “buddy punching”. For multi-unit environments enrolments are only required at one device, E1C then transfers the user enrolments to the other Handpunch units.

A Remote Enrolment function is available which supervisors can trigger, this allows user enrolment without the need for the supervisor to be physically at the terminal. Connectivity is via Ethernet or GPRS.

With an inbuilt battery backed-up clock, NTP time updates and daylight-saving switchover, you can always be sure that clocking time is accurate. Clockings can be interpreted as IN, OUT or Toggle as well as auto-clocking out from a previous CloudReader.


  • Robust and hard-wearing design
  • Perfect in factory, construction and office environments
  • Ethernet or GPRS connectivity
  • Battery backed-up real-time clock
  • Remote enrolment
  • Biometric hand enrolment
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Antimicrobial protection


  • Stops employees ‘buddy punching’, saving you on average 2 – 5% on payroll costs – no more time theft
  • Robust biometric hand scanning technology ideal for tough environments; meaning that dirt, dust
         or grease on the hand will not cause misreads
  • Ability to see remotely who has clocked in and out with our easy Time & Attendance system
  • Option to link to Sage Payroll and other popular payroll packages

Additional Features

On all models, parts and accessories

  • Wifi/3G Options
  • E1C Kit Cloud enables to work with EveryOneCloud, Imperago, Vanquish


  • Supply
  • Service (Deep Cleans)
  • Repair
Available Models

HP1000, HP2000, HP3000, HP4000