Cloud Reader

Our Mini Hex device is perfect for smaller organisations with RFID cards or where larger organisations want to track specific activities, tasks or people locations.

The Device is literally “Plug and Play” and comes with LAN/Ethernet and WIFI as standard.

With an inbuilt battery backed-up clock, NTP time updates and daylight-saving switchover, you can always be sure that clocking time is accurate.

The standard version is MIFARE card compatible and has internal storage to prevent loss of clockings in case of power or network outage.

With EveryOneCloud, the device clockings can be associated with a task, location, contract, production line, client or any other attribute.

Clockings can be interpreted as IN, OUT or Toggle as well as auto-clocking out from a previous CloudReader. Fitting is easy as hanging a picture and only a 3-pin plug is required (when using in WIFI mode).

As a screenless device with no external buttons it is a very resilient and tamper-proof device that is as much at home in a factory as it is in the office.


  • Battery Backed-up real-time clock
  • NTP updates & Daylight Savings
  • Plug & Play
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Wifi or LAN
  • Mifare (other options available)
  • No device configuration required
  • Perfect in both factory and office environments
  • Cost effective
  • Compatible with EveryOneCloud, Imperago, Vanquish
Available Models

Cloud Reader