Still relying on clock cards, timesheets or spreadsheets to manage your staff? Chances are your organisation is losing money and you may not know it, caused by timesheet abuse!

‘Time Theft’ – lateness and extended lunch breaks
‘Buddy Punching’ – staff clocking in/out for each other
‘Ghost Workers’ – paying staff no longer working for you!

Inaccurate timesheets can result in thousands of pounds in lost revenue. Add to the equation the time it takes for admin staff to calculate timesheets, plus errors caused by indecipherable handwriting, rekeying data and missed clockings, your reliance on outdated traditional processes is damaging your bottom line.

Make the switch to automated Time & Attendance and experience the benefits

With a Time & Attendance system from Auto Time Solutions you can remove the hassle and headaches caused by manual timesheets once and for all, and save huge amounts of time and money in the process.

Developed for companies of all sizes, our Time & Attendance system delivers endless benefits. It standardises and streamlines the management of your workforce so you can control labour costs, drive productivity and boost compliance. Simple and intuitive, it automatically captures employee proof of attendance data from a combination of telephony, proximity, handscan and finger recognition clocking devices, according to your work patterns.

An accurate account of ‘actual’ hours worked by employees provides peace of mind that all your calculations are correct first time while a real-time roll call empowers you to make informed decisions right across your business.

Who’s on site right now? Who arrived late this morning? Who’s off sick today? Who’s working more hours than they should be? These are all questions you can answer quickly and decisively, no more second guessing! Better still, that pile of timesheets that was slowing down your admin staff is eliminated in its entirety, freeing up valuable resource time to focus on core tasks that add value to your business. Payroll calculations that took hours or days to complete are ready and waiting to process at the touch of a button.

Your bottom line will look a whole lot healthier too. Payroll will be accurate to the minute, unauthorised absences and overtime reduced, and overpayments caused by time fraud, mistakes gone forever. As for your staff, they will be much happier knowing their salary will be accurate, putting an end to awkward payroll disputes. Integration with Access Control adds an extra level of security to the system, enabling you to restrict staff movements in order to safeguard workers from intrusion and protect your premises.

Key Features

• Simple & flexible data capture for every workforce scenario
• Powerful operational HR and Time & Attendance
• Track employee start & finish times
• Shift pattern management
• Real-time absence & sickness alerts
• Manage lateness and breaks
• Effective holiday planning and management
• Real-time fire roll call
• Powerful reporting suite
• Cloud and on-premise installation options
• System integration – export to payroll


• Reduce your payroll costs by up to 3%
• Goodbye manual timesheets, clock cards and spreadsheets
• Never pay for hours not worked again
• No more re-keying data
• Save time spent calculating timesheets
• Eliminate time theft and buddy punching
• Keep overtime to budget
• Enforce compliance to employment regulations, such as the Working Time Directive
• Fully hosted cloud system – no waiting for a lengthy software implementation project or server upgrade

Driving a profitable business starts with the efficient management of your most valuable and costly asset – your people! Thousands of organisations, like yours, have experienced the benefits of our Time & Attendance system.

Join them by making the switch to an automated system today! It will be the best decision you ever make!

Experience the benefits today. Click here to start building your tailored Time & Attendance system.