Vanquish enhances third party integration with launch of API

Real-time API integration to help organisations streamline core processes to deliver total visibility of their performance

Vanquish Integrated People Solutions has added a new robust Application Programming Interface (API) integration platform to its market leading workforce management software.

Vanquish Integrated Console (VIC) is a cloud-based plug-in application, which can be instructed to send, receive and synchronise data, so users can seamlessly integrate Time & Attendance data with their critical software applications to create a single unified system.

VIC has the ability to transfer data via staging databases, Third Party APIs, cloud based storage or raw text files, so it can be used to automate and streamline core business functions, such as the payroll process, without the need for further data entry.

Seamless flow of data

Vanquish is used by many of the UK’s leading companies across multiple industries to support their service delivery and control costs through the efficient management of their workforce.

Organisations typically rely on several software systems, such as accounting, CRM, payroll and HR and workforce management to run their business efficiently and control costs.

But a lack of direct integration means valuable time is often spent duplicating data, leading to the potential for errors and inaccuracies to occur. As a result this creates an incomplete and disparate picture of how well a business is performing against customer expectations, costs and quality.

Organisations now have the flexibility to use the VIC API to leverage the full functionality of Vanquish and then easily share the data with other connected back-office business functions.

For instance, they can use VIC to ‘pull’ in data from their existing HR system to utilise the advanced rostering features of Vanquish where, for example, they apply pay rates, prepare complex staff rosters, manage staff absences and track on-site activity.

Attendance data can then be ‘pushed’ back out to the central hub to populate timesheets required for payroll and invoicing.

Total visibility from customised system

With a seamless flow of accurate, reliable and up-to-date data running between systems, organisations can gain total visibility of their operations, and are better equipped to make accurate decisions to drive a more productive and profitable business.

Meanwhile, on a day-to-day basis, time and cost savings are achieved through reduced data duplication, the removal of errors, and fewer payroll and invoicing enquiries from employees and clients.

Matt Hawkes, Software Developer at Vanquish Integrated People Solutions says: “Adding API integration to Vanquish provides users with open access to their workforce data so they have the flexibility to utilise it however and whenever they need it to drive efficiencies across their business.

“The fact that we’re able to easily integrate Vanquish with virtually any third party software empowers our customers and vendor partners to bring together multiple ‘best of breed’ systems to create a powerful system to fit their needs.”

Nick Whiteley, Managing Director at Vanquish Integrated People Solutions says: “The key to running a successful business is making accurate business decisions in a timely fashion.

“By enabling real-time rich integration with Vanquish, organisations can unlock the value of Time & Attendance data to help enrich every business process connected to it in order to gain the visibility they need to improve overall efficiency.”

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