Access Control

In today’s rapidly changing world, organisations of all shapes and sizes need to remain agile to respond to customer demand and market trends. A flexible workforce goes a long way to achieving this, but, in the new, ultimately flexible world of work, how do you balance that with security?

Autotime Access Control

Cloud-based Autotime Access Control is simple to install, cost effective, robust, easy to use and up and running in days.

Autotime provides a solution that includes:

  • Hardware based on the latest smart device technology
  • Software that runs locally and in the Cloud
  • Installation with no messy / disruptive wiring
  • Commissioning, to include set up and integration with your other business applications
  • Support from engineers based throughout the UK for nationwide coverage

Ensure safe & secure access to controlled zones

See at a glance, exactly where your staff are. Autotime Access Control uses card or fingerprint / biometric technology, using the latest smart devices.

We can provide weatherproof IP65 card and finger print readers, that are also available in EM and Mifare Proximity formats. Alternatively, we can provide a card reader only. Both options have audible and visual read confirmation.

Light touch installation, meaning that it has minimum impact on existing infrastructure with significantly less cabling has it connects directly to the cloud using a wifi connection.

Details of who can get through the door is held on the device. Autotime Access Control can tag people with skills and certificates, alert will be sent if someone tries to go through a door for which they aren’t authorised, or their certificate / skill has expired (for example, food hygiene for a kitchen).

Easy to use Access Control interface

The easy to use Autotime Access Control interface provides almost real time detail of which members of staff or in which location. You can even see who has gone through which door, and if they are not authorised for a certain location, you will receive an alert.

With its desktop or mobile app, Autotime Access Control keeps training for managers to a minimum with its intuitive design.

No Network – No Problem with Built-in redundancy

Using hybrid Cloud technology, the Autotime solution stores information on site and in the Cloud to provide the best of both worlds – built-in redundancy.

Even if the network fails, your doors will still operate because information is held on the devices locally. That means that security is maintained, and should the worst happen, for example a fire, you simply use the mobile app to access your data held safely on the Cloud, where you can instantly access a Muster List.

Full integration with other Workforce solutions

Autotime Access Control fully integrates with Autotime Flexitime, Vanquish T&A, and Everyone Cloud as well as all other mainstream HR, T&A and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions.

Everyone Cloud is an integration portal where anyone, anywhere can use any device to clock in. This includes card, biometrics, phone, tablet, proximity cards/devices, apps etc. Can be used for timesheet purposes, and cloud/T&A.

Simple, online, up and running within days. Engineers based across the UK for national coverage (Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland).

With an all-in-one Service-as-a-Solution package, paid for monthly, with no capital expenditure or heavy up-front fees, you will see a fast return on your investment.